Your calling card

The graphical layout and the readability of the fact-sheet are essential elements which transmit the public image of an Asset Management Company, it is a calling card that must not be left to chance.
It is important that logos, colors and the structure of the fact-sheets are clearly identifiable by the end user, so as to underline the care and attention that defines the result.
The fact-sheets are composed of one or more pages or are organized as a booklet, following the company guidelines defining the layout of each single sheet.
The composition is free and flexible with space for text, graphics and tables that are formed directly from the source data. Fact sheets can reuse or integrate existing layouts, or adopt newly created designs.

It is possible to impose complex guidelines, with millimeter constraints, Pantone colors or fonts for complete control of the layout. Scheda


The fact-sheets contain only those elements that the client chooses to include, it is not necessary to remove such data from the source files, our applications will simply ignore them when composing the pages.
The layout once defined remains unchanged over time but it is possible to modify its contents at any time to obtain an up-to-date and dynamic product.
How is page layout performed?
The applications process the data files following a series of checks and if these pass they generate the PDF output directly. Should it prove necessary to modify or replace the layout, the existing data format remains valid and can still be used.
External elements such as images and text can be added to complete the layout.

An example of how the same data can be used to generate different layout while maintaining the same validation checks, filters and translations.


Our graphics studio is available on request to assist your marketing office in the creation of new layouts for single sheets or booklets.