Validation Checks

Two types of validation check are performed while compiling the fact-sheets; one regarding layout and graphical coherence, for example, the encoding and processing of labels contained in the data file, verification of the positioning of the elements on the page or checks for overlapping text and/or images.
The second is focused on the analysis of source data, this phase, very complex and at the same time flexible, facilitates content review highlighting anomalies in the data flow. Some common test include ensuring values and sums respect given limits, checking for missing elements or comparing dates and values.

It is not possible to list all the possible tests that may be performed during fact-sheet creation, some examples are outlined below.

In the example the application has performed three operations: on the title changing “Geographical distribution (%)” for “Country”, on the legend translating text from German into English and rounding the numeric values to a single decimal place.

Controlli 1

In the two following tables the labels are too long to fit in the available space, the program has abbreviated them.

Controlli 2

In the next example the data file shows an excessive fragmentation of the Portfolio, the table has been compiled so as to show the first five values, the remaining values are summed in “Other”.
Alternatively it is possible to set a lower limit for % values under which they will be assimilated in “Other”.

Controlli 3

This is an example of an error report highlighting an inconsistency for a fund trend. The first value is dated 2002 while the fund launch date is 2004.

Controlli 4

Here we have a very common validation check, the report shows that the sum of the pie chart values exceeds 100%. It is possible to report any sum or value which does not respect given minimum and maximum values.

Controlli 5

The report shows a that the expected Asset Allocation data for year 2010 are not present.

Controlli 6

Often data files contain terms in different languages, in this case the error report highlights a missing English translation for the French term “Ènergie”.

Controlli 7