How it works

Come funziona Polene Grafiche receives the source data files provided by the Asset Management Company compiled in the format agreed by both parties. The procedure consists of three principal phases:

• Reading and interpreting the content.
• Validation Checks.
• Graphical composition of the fact sheet.

The first two steps are the distinguishing features of our instrumentality, generating a status report containing any errors or anomalies encountered in the source files, this is indispensable when working with significant data flows.
The page layout, constrained by the parameters agreed beforehand, is composed directly in the final output file without error-prone intermediate steps.
The fact sheets are the result of digital processing.

The finished fact sheets are made available for the client in their dedicated storage area.
The Asset Management Company may repeat the process at their discretion in the event of data extraction errors.

Naturally Polene Grafiche undertakes to not divulge any client-supplied data.